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10 Best HTC U11 Cases



Spigen Liquid Crystal ($11)

Spigen Liquid Crystal ($11)

Next up is another great case from Spigen. The Liquid Crystal is one of its number one selling cases, and with good reason. It's made from a completely clear gel and TPU material so it is thin, lightweight and durable. This case is compatible with Edge Sense and the rear microphone. 

Additionally, there is an added lip on the front so users can lay the phone face-down without scratching the screen. Then the company added a raised cutout for the camera, which also keeps it protected from scratches and fingerprints. 

Spigen is a trusted name, so buy this with confidence once it is released. 

Buy it on Amazon for $10.99



  1. hynk

    07/01/2017 at 12:19 am

    It’s hard to see a flagship with the Shiny back. Many are obsessed with the shiny objects but it’s hard to keep the device mint. The solution I found is simple. Apply a full protection from a reliable seller. I opted from the they look pretty fantastic on the device.

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