7 Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro Alternatives Running Windows 10
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7 Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro Alternatives Running Windows 10



Lenovo Yoga Book - $549.99

Lenovo Yoga Book - $549.99

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a unique take on an iPad Pro alternative. It’s incredibly thin and light, but still has a keyboard and an Intel processor.

Think of the Yoga Book with Windows as a laptop without physical keys. Its Halo keyboard has touch sensors inside it that detect every swipe or tap. It’s always ready for you to type an email or create a document, only it’s still impossibly thin. Compare that to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which requires a keyboard accessory unless you want to rely on its touchscreen keyboard for everything.

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This keyboard also doubles as a great way to take notes. Lay the included paper pad over the keyboard deck and the notes you write with the included Real Pen surface in your Windows 10 apps. You also get a physical copy to file. Together, the Yoga Book with Windows and this pen detect 2,048 different levels of pressure.

Fold the keyboard deck behind the device's screen and you have a thin 1920 x 1200 10.1-inch tablet. Despite the keyboard, it’s 0.16-inches thick while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is 0.27-inches thick. There’s 4GB of RAM, an Intel Atom x5 processor and 128GB of storage inside.

The Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows costs $579.99. Depending on your location, you can buy this iPad Pro alternative in red, white, or black.

Buy the Lenovo Yoga Book for $549.99

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