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Best iPhone 6 Battery Case



OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 6 Battery Case

OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 6 Battery Case

The runner-up is the OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 6 battery case. This case delivers OtterBox level protection and a battery that combines with the internal battery to allow the iPhone 6 to last two days.

One of the best features of the OtterBox Resurgence case is that it stops charging automatically when the iPhone 6 battery is full. This is a great feature because charging at 100% uses up the case battery much faster than charging between 20% and 80%.

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This case also supports pass through so you don't need to take it off to sync. This is good because removing the case is slightly difficult, but that also means it should stay on and protect your phone from drops.

You can’t go wrong with the OtterBox Resurgence case for the iPhone 6 if you need extra power and significant protection for your iPhone, and it helps that the price is reasonable and the case doesn’t add too much bulk.

The OtterBox Resurgence case for the iPhone 6 is $79 at Amazon.

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