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Best iPhone 6 Battery Case



iPhone 6 PowerSkin

iPhone 6 PowerSkin

The iPhone 6 PowerSkin Spare is a minimal iPhone 6 battery case that allows you to quickly add a 2,200mAh battery to your iPhone 6 and also to slide it out of the case when you need a slimmer profile.

The sides of this case are wide open so you can still enjoy the curved edges of the iPhone 6 side and the overall design of the iPhone 6.

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PowerSkin delivers an iPhone 6 battery case that is shorter and thinner than the top picks in this roundup, by packing in a smaller battery. the design is a cheaper plastic, but holds up to wear OK. It would be nice if there were no lines on the back to simulate the look of the iPhone 6 antenna breaks, but this is a minor point.

The PowerSkin Spare is available from Amazon for $72.

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