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Best iPhone SE 2 Cases (2020)



Here are the best iPhone SE 2 cases that you can buy in 2020. The new iPhone SE cases offer protection and extra features.

Yes, you should still get a case for your iPhone SE 2nd generation, since you are just as likely to drop it at home as you are when you are out and about.

iPhone 8 cases fit the iPhone SE 2, so you can use cases labeled for the older iPhone model, which is good news if you want a lot of selection. There are already a ton of iPhone SE 2 cases out there from the iPhone 8 as well as new models designed specifically with the iPhone SE (2020) in mind.

  1. Official iPhone SE 2 Silicone Case – $35
  2. Totallee iPhone SE 2 Case – $35
  3. Casetify iPhone SE 2 Impact Case – $45
  4. Incipio Pure iPhone SE 2 Case – $15.44
  5. Casery iPhone SE 2 Agate Case – $32
  6. Moment iPhone SE 2 Wallet Case – $23.99
  7. Mous iPhone SE 2 Wood Back Case – $44.99
  8. LifeProof WĀKE iPhone SE 2 Case – $39.99
  9. Speck Presidio iPhone SE 2 Cases – $39.95 and up
  10. OtterBox Defender & Symetry iPhone SE 2 Cases – $50.95 and up
  11. Mophie Juice Pack iPhone SE 2 Cases – $63.19

Check out more on why we like each of these iPhone SE 2 cases in the descriptions below.

Official iPhone SE 2 Silicone Case – $35

The official Silicone case is a nice option.

The official Apple iPhone SE 2 silicone case is a great option if you want to add some grip to your new iPhone and still easily access the buttons, Touch ID and slip it in and out of your pocket. Apple only offers three colors right now, so if you want something bold, you will need to look elsewhere.

$35 at Apple

Totallee iPhone SE 2 Case – $35

This is an excellent minimal iPhone SE 2 case.

Totallee offers several iPhone SE 2 cases to choose from. These are all super minimal cases that protect your phone from scratches and add a little grip, but no branding. You can choose from frosted clear, frosted black or a clear soft case. My favorites are the frosted versions, but they are all good cases.

$35 at Totallee

Casetify iPhone SE 2 Impact Case – $45

Casetify Impact cases offer protection and style.

The Casetify iPhone SE 2 Impact cases offer 6.6 ft. of drop protection, and great button access and feel. You also get a plethora of cool design options to choose from with different back covers ranging from art and camo to bananas and dogs. You can then also choose an accent color that you want.

$45 at Casetify

Incipio Pure iPhone SE 2 Case – $15.44

A great clear iPhone SE 2 case.

The Incipio Octane Pure iPhone SE 2 case is a great clear case option with 6 ft. of drop protection and a simple design. If you want the iPhone SE 2 color you choose to show, this is a nice option. This is available on Amazon and at Incipio.

$15.44 at Amazon

Casery iPhone SE 2 Agate Case – $32

An excellent iPhone SE 2 case.

The Casery Agte case for the iPhone SE combines a clear soft-touch case with a matte finish and a beautiful agate crystal pattern on the lower half of the case. The upper shows your phone’s color and thanks to the finish it’s rare to see fingerprints on the case.

$32 at Casery

Moment iPhone SE 2 Wallet Case – $23.99

This case is a wallet and it lets you attach lenses to your iPhone SE 2.

The Moment iPhone SE 2 wallet case is a double duty case. It is a wallet that can hold up to three cards, and it is also a case that works with Moment Lenses. You can attach a range of lenses to the iPhone SE 2 that will upgrade your photos and your videos. Moment offers a wide-angle, telephoto, macro, fisheye, and anamorphic options.

$23.99 at Moment

Mous iPhone SE 2 Wood Back Case – $44.99

This is a super protective case that isn’t bulky.

The Mous iPhone SE 2 case is a nice wood back case that offers an impressive level of protection without a lot of bulk. You may have seen these cases in ads being tossed from cranes and thrown around Apple stores. The cases are very protective and beautiful at the same time.

$44.99 at Mous

LifeProof WĀKE iPhone SE 2 Case – $39.99

An environmentally friendly iPhone SE 2 case from LifeProof.

The LifeProof WĀKE iPhone SE 2 case is a nice option with 6.6 ft. of drop protection and it is made with more than 85% ocean-based recycled plastic. When you buy, you can choose an ocean-based charity to donate a dollar to as well.

$39.99 at Lifeproof

Speck Presidio iPhone SE 2 Cases – $39.95 and up

Speck Presidio cases look great, offer a lot of protection and some are anti-microbial.

Speck sells a number of Presidio cases that look great, offer good drop protection and several options are anti-microbial. From standard colors to grip cases and the Inked cases with cool designs and clear options Speck has you covered.

$39.95 and up at Speck

OtterBox Defender & Symmetry iPhone SE 2 Cases – $50.95 and up

Get a case with built-in Pop Socket placement.

OtterBox is a great place to pick up a protective case. You can go with the ultimate Defender for the most protection or Symmetry for protection in a slimmer design. The Otter + Pop options are especially tempting thanks to the built-in Pop socket holder.

$50.95 and up at Otterbox

Mophie Juice Pack iPhone SE 2 Cases – $63.19

If you need a backup battery, this is a great option.

The Mophie Juice Pack battery cases for the iPhone 8 fit the iPhone SE 2 since the devices are the exact same dimensions. There are many options available, but we like this one that includes the ability to wirelessly charge.

$63.19 at Amazon

10 Cool Things the iPhone SE 2 Can Do (2020)

Take Portrait Mode Photos

Take Portrait Mode Photos

One of my favorite features on the iPhone is taking Portrait mode photos. By switching to this option you can blur the background of a picture and make the subject really stand out. It's a simple way to make your pictures really stand out on social media. 

The iPhone SE features a single camera, but it supports Portrait mode with all of the six current Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control to adjust the background blur (bokeh) after you take the shot. This is an awesome feature and even more impressive at the $399 starting price. 

You also get the portrait mode on the front-facing camera for better-looking selfies. This is especially handy if you need to hide the mess in your house with a fancy blur while you're setting up your best isolation selfie. 

You also get all the latest iOS 13 editing controls for your photos and the iPhone SE camera can capture photos with Smart HDR. In short, this is an impressive camera setup on a budget iPhone. 

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