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Best iPhone SE 2 Deals (2020)



The iPhone SE 2 is already pretty affordable compared to most new smartphones with a starting price of $399, but you can score additional savings with the best iPhone SE 2 deals in 2020. From 50% off at Walmart to saving upfront and several months of service, there are a lot of deals available.

The biggest deal on a major carrier is $200 off the iPhone SE 2 at Walmart when you finance with device payments. If you buy the iPhone SE 2 on Metro by T-Mobile, you can pay $99.99 and Metro handles the remaining $300 with bill credits. You can also save $100 and get six months of service at Red Pocket Mobile. Apple and Best Buy both offer trade-in deals as well.

If you buy the iPhone SE online, it is shipped directly to you and then you can easily set it up on your own, call in to activate, and transfer your old iPhone or even Android information over to your new phone in an afternoon.

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Best iPhone SE 2 Deals

Here are the best iPhone SE 2020 deals so far.

Right now Apple and Best Buy are the only stores listing the iPhone SE (2020) with deals, but we expect to see carriers all offer their own trade-in and switcher deals that could make this an even better deal.

Walmart iPhone SE 2 Deals

The iPhone SE 2 is available for $50 off online at Walmart right now and you can also get it for $200 off in-store when the release date arrives. The $200 discount is valid on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon when you activate and pay with a payment plan.

Buy the iPhone SE 2 at Walmart

AT&T iPhone SE 2 Deals

The iPhone SE 2 is $5 a month for 30 months, which is $150. You need to be a new AT&T customer or add a new line and add unlimited service to the phone. the discount is through bill credits for the next 30 months.

Buy the iPhone SE 2 at AT&T

Metro by T-Mobile iPhone SE 2 Deals

The iPhone SE 2 is $99.99 at Metro by T-Mobile when you switch and agree to monthly bill credits for the remaining $300 in value. This is only valid for new customers and only on the 64GB model, but it is a good deal.

Buy the iPhone SE 2 at Metro

Best Buy iPhone SE 2 Deals

Best Buy offers a $50 Gift Card when you buy the iPhone SE and activate it. To get this deal you need to buy the iPhone, activate it on AT&T or Verizon, and then pay for it with monthly payment plans up to 30 months.

Buy the iPhone SE 2 at Best Buy

Red Pocket Mobile iPhone SE 2 Deals

When you buy the iPhone SE 2 at Red Pocket Mobile you get $100 off and you get six months of service with 3GB of LTE and unlimited service at 2G plus unlimited talk and text. This is available during the pre-order period.

Buy the iPhone SE 2 at Red Pocket Mobile

Apple iPhone SE 2 Deals

Apple sells the iPhone SE 2 for $399, but with trade in’s, you can get it from $9.54 a month or $229 outright according to the website. But you can actually get a better deal if you are trading in a newer phone.

Here’s what Apple is currently offering for trade-ins towards the new iPhone SE;

  • iPhone XS Max – Up to $500
  • iPhone XS – Up to $420
  • iPhone XR – Up to $300
  • iPhone X – Up to $320
  • iPhone 8 Plus – Up to $250
  • iPhone 8 – Up to $170
  • iPhone 7 Plus – Up to $150
  • iPhone 7 – Up to $120
  • iPhone 6s Plus – Up to $100
  • iPhone 6s – Up to $80
  • iPhone 6 Plus -Up to $50
  • iPhone 6 – Up to $30
  • iPhone SE (Original) – Up to $30

With the newer phones, in good condition, you can essentially get a free iPhone SE. Most users are likely looking at trading up from an older model, which is still a nice option and potentially a better deal than trying to sell to someone on craigslist or Facebook Marketplace right now.

When we spot-checked the trade-in value of the iPhone 8 at Apple compared to Gazelle, you get almost $50 more going direct with Apple.

We will continue to update this post as Amazon and carriers roll out their iPhone SE deals this week.

10 Cool Things the iPhone SE 2 Can Do (2020)

Take Portrait Mode Photos

Take Portrait Mode Photos

One of my favorite features on the iPhone is taking Portrait mode photos. By switching to this option you can blur the background of a picture and make the subject really stand out. It's a simple way to make your pictures really stand out on social media. 

The iPhone SE features a single camera, but it supports Portrait mode with all of the six current Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control to adjust the background blur (bokeh) after you take the shot. This is an awesome feature and even more impressive at the $399 starting price. 

You also get the portrait mode on the front-facing camera for better-looking selfies. This is especially handy if you need to hide the mess in your house with a fancy blur while you're setting up your best isolation selfie. 

You also get all the latest iOS 13 editing controls for your photos and the iPhone SE camera can capture photos with Smart HDR. In short, this is an impressive camera setup on a budget iPhone. 

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