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iPhone 5 Release Date Nears, Snag the Best iPhone Trade in Price Today



We expect Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12th and offer the new iPhone for sale just 9 days later on September 21st.

Users who want to upgrade to the new iPhone shouldn’t wait to sell their iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S as trade in prices drop dramatically weeks before Apple announces the new iPhone.

Gadget trade in site Nextworth, tracks the trade in values for iPhones, and two to three weeks before the Apple iPhone announcement trade-in prices start dropping.

iPhone trade in prices and timing

iPhone trade in prices as new iPhone approaches.

By the time Apple officially announces the new iPhone 5, the iPhone trade in prices could already be down 15 to 20%. In a little over a week, when the iPhone release date rolls around, the trade in prices drop another 5% for some models.

Unfortunately, this means users should trade in their iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or even iPhone 4S very early to get the best price. This may mean using a backup phone for a week while waiting for the iPhone 5 release date.

Thanks to price lock guarantees, it’s possible to trade in the iPhone, but keep using it for up to 30 days. This means it’s possible to trade in your old iPhone between August 22nd and August 31st without facing a day without your smartphone. plus, you’ll still get great trade in prices.

When comparing prices, keep in mind that Amazon only offers credit, and eBay Instant only offers Paypal. Nextworth and Gazelle offer multiple forms of payment. Many Target stores can take iPhone trade ins for Nextworth, so you can get an instant payment. Skip trading in the iPhone at carriers, as the prices are never competitive.

White iPhone models, and AT&T models may earn slightly higher prices. Prices change daily, so be sure to check the top contenders

Best iPhone 3GS Trade in Prices

iPhone 3GS trade in prices

The iPhone 3GS still commands good trade in prices.

iPhone 3GS Amazon eBay Instant Nextworth Gazelle
8GB Like New $130 $75 $80 $70
8GB Good $110 $75 $80 $55
16GB Like New $155 $95 $91 $80
16GB Good $131 $95 $91 $65
32GB Like New $180 $101 $105 $90
32GB Good $153 $101 $105 $75

Best iPhone 4 Trade in Prices

iPhone 4 trade in prices

Pay for the iPhone 5 by trading in the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Amazon eBay Instant Nextworth Gazelle
8GB AT&T Like New $230 $168 $160 $150
8GB AT&T Good $195 $168 $160 $132
8GB Verizon Like New $230 $157 $140 $150
8GB Verizon Good $195 $157 $140 $132
8GB Sprint Like New $230 $155 $140 $150
8GB Sprint Good $195 $155 $140 $132
16GB AT&T Like New $270 $186 $170 $170
16GB AT&T Good $229 $186 $170 $150
16GB Verizon Like New $280 $177 $150 $180
16GB Verizon Good $238 $177 $150 $160
32GB AT&T Like New $300 $218 $180 $200
32GB AT&T Good $255 $218 $180 $180
32GB Verizon Like New $300 $191 $165 $200
32GB Verizon Good $255 $191 $165 $180

Best iPhone 4S Trade in Prices

iPhone 4S trade in prices

The iPhone 4S trade in prices are high enough to make an off contract upgrade possible.

iPhone 4S Amazon eBay Instant Nextworth Gazelle
16GB AT&T Like New $410 $298 $263 $290
16GB AT&T Good $348 $298 $263 $277
16GB Verizon Like New $410 $288 $263 $280
16GB Verizon Good $348 $288 $263 $260
16GB Sprint Like New $395 $280 $263 $280
16GB Sprint Good $335 $280 $263 $260
32GB AT&T Like New $455 $330 $290 $320
32GB AT&T Good $386 $330 $290 $300
32GB Verizon Like New $455 $311 $278 $300
32GB Verizon Good $386 $311 $278 $280
32GB Sprint Like New $450 $310 $278 $300
32GB Sprint Good $382 $310 $278 $280
64GB AT&T Like New $500 $381 $330 $370
64GB AT&T Good $425 $381 $330 $350
64GB Verizon Like New $500 $351 $312 $370
64GB Verizon Good $425 $351 $312 $350
64GB Sprint Like New $490 $351 $312 $370
64GB Sprint Good $416 $351 $312 $350

These prices change on a regular basis, and as the iPhone 5 announcement and iPhone 5 release date approaches we may see temporary spikes in the price as companies fight for your old iPhone. When the New iPad launched in March, Amazon was the top bidder for old iPads.

iPhone 5 Release Date & Rumors

The new iPhone, which many call the iPhone 5 is expected in September. If the rumors hold true, Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12th. We expect the iPhone 5 release date is set for September 21st. This is just 9 days later, and mirrors the iPhone 4S’ Friday launch.

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The next iPhone is apple’s sixth iPhone, and while the company has not confirmed the existence of the iPhone or any features, a large number of leaks paint a picture of what to expect. We run down the latest iPhone 5 feature rumors in this short video.

The iPhone 5 may feature 4G LTE connectivity and a new Apple A5X processor with improved graphics. We also expect a 4-inch display with 17% more viewing area.

When it comes to the design, Apple looks to be sticking with the same design language as the iPhone 4S, but making noticeable changes. Current rumors suggest the iPhone 5 will grow to 120-123mm tall and feature an aluminum back as shown in the video below from TechRadar.

The new iPhone rumors suggest a smaller MagSafe style dock connector and relocated headphone jack, which is now on the bottom of the iPhone.

For the latest iPhone 5 rumors, photos and videos, check out our iPhone 5 coverage.

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