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5 Best Kids Tablets Worth Buying



As nearly every parent knows, kids love our tablets and smartphones. Whether it’s a good idea to let them use them or not is up to parents. We constantly get asked about what kid tablets are available for children, or great kids tablets to replace an iPad. As a result, below is a collection of a few worth considering.

Often these days parents simply hand a smartphone or their iPad to a child to keep them calm, quiet, or entertained. And while it may not be the best way to do things, kids love them. From playing games, watching YouTube videos and more. The iPad is an expensive toy, one that often gets broken if abused or dropped by kids.

In an effort to save parents some hard-earned money, not to mention get kids their own tablet that is more than just a device to watch YouTube, we’ve gathered a list of some great low-cost iPad alternatives for children. These are built for kids, have educational content, and much more.

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These aren’t just cheap Android tablets, as anyone can go out and buy one of those, which doesn’t solve the problem.  Our tablets below are devices that have permission or parent controls, are durable or “kid-resistant” and are educational with apps for learning rather than wasting away time on the web, YouTube, social media or boring games.

With 2015 coming to a close there are multiple excellent kid friendly tablets that are available to buy. Some run Android, others have their own operating system, and we even have a two-in-one Windows 10 device that’s almost like a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop for kids. There’s a little of something for everyone, at varying prices for those looking for something specific.

If you’d rather not hand off that expensive iPad Air 2 to your kids, would like to get something a little cheaper or one that’s focused on learning, these are some of the best choices available today.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet is the perfect little $100 device, one that's often on sale for $89. Amazon's tablets have continued to be more and more popular, and this is one of the best options available.

The Fire Kids Edition tablet is the same 7-inch tablet Amazon sells for $49 online, or in a 6-pack bundle at $250 for the entire family, but there are some added benefits of getting the Kids Edition. For $100 (or less) the Amazon Fire Kids Edition comes with a 2-year warranty, where if they break it, Amazon will replace it. No questions asked. It also comes in a kid-approved and kid-friendly case that can handle all those drops that will likely occur. It runs Android, but you'll never be able to tell.

And finally, it comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited, which is usually a $5 monthly subscription to loads of content, videos, apps and education info specifically for kids. All of this can be bought separate and added to the regular 7-inch Fire for $49, but there is well over $50 in savings by choosing the Kids Edition, not to mention the case that comes in a few different colors.

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition has a 7-inch display, a quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and parents can add a micro-SD card full of movies or music as well. The kids mode has parent controls and other things as well. Hit the link below for all the details, or to buy one today.

Buy the Amazon Fire Kids Edition for $89

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1 Comment

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