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Best MicroSD Cards for the LG V30



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Lexar 32GB High-Performance Card

Lexar 32GB High-Performance Card

Last but not least is a small Lexar 32GB microSD card. With 64GB included in the LG V30, adding a 32GB card gives you nearly 100GB, which is enough for almost everyone these days. Why get 200GB when you don't need it. Right?

This basically gives you a little extra space and wiggle room in case you need it, or before a big vacation. 

For just $21 you'll still get fast 95 MB/s read speeds, fast write speeds for saving and recording video, and more space. We've seen this go down to $12 before, so keep an eye out for discounts or grab it for just over $20 below. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $21

5 / 5
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