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Best MicroSD Cards for the LG V30



The new LG V30 has a lot to offer along with support for microSD cards. Meaning owners can expand storage above the built-in 64GB of space. And while that’s enough for most, others will want more for their favorite apps, games, music, movies and 4k video. With that in mind, these are the best microSD cards for the LG V30.

Our buying guide will go over everything you need to know about expanding storage, and why you should. Some SD cards cost under $20, others will double your storage, while some will improve performance and give you over 300GB of space on the V30. Perfect for all that audiophile-grade music.

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MicroSD cards come in different sizes, speeds, class ratings and more. It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. We’ll explain everything below, then recommend a few that will give you more space and make games load faster.

One of the main reasons you might want to get a microSD card is for improved performance. Fast microSD cards in our roundup will do exactly that. Not to mention they help apps run smooth, games open quicker and even improve 4k video recording. Along with the obvious increase in storage limits.

With tons of different sizes, speeds, brands and more there’s a lot to consider. Just make sure you don’t overpay. Most retail stores like Verizon, AT&T or even Best Buy are extremely overpriced. Instead, get a cheaper microSD from our roundup below or go to Best Buy for a price match.

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That said, once you get one use the SIM slot removal tool that comes in the box to remove the SIM tray. No, put a microSD card next to it and slide it back into your phone. Instantly adding another 64GB, 128GB or even 256GB of storage in seconds.

Our recommendation for most owners would be a 64GB card. They’re affordable and that’s more than enough storage for almost everyone. If you pay a little extra, you will enjoy more space and even better performance. Our slides explain what the class ratings are, what to look for, and which one you want. With that all said, get one today and fill up your LG V30 with as much content as you want.

Samsung EVO+ 64GB MicroSD Card

Samsung EVO+ 64GB MicroSD Card

A few years ago microSD cards were very expensive. That isn't the case anymore, and we have some for under $25. Our first recommendation is 64GB. It's not too much, but not so low that you'll end up buying a bigger one later. Not to mention doubles the LG V30 storage to 128GB.

Keep in mind the actual available space will be less after formatting, apps, photos, and the OS taking space on your device.

We recommend only getting a card that is "Class 10" or says "UHS-1 or UHS-II" if you want the best performance. Class 10 is visualized by a small circle with a 10 printed inside it right on the card. Our image above shows the "U" branding for UHS. In 2017 most should say that or the new "A1" standard.

Samsung's 64GB EVO+ Class 10 card is a good place to start. It delivers better performance and more storage at a wallet-friendly price point.

If you do some research, you can find an excellent card like this Samsung 64GB microSD for only $20. In stores they're often around $75, so buy it online. 

Buy it Now for $27 on Amazon (or get a SanDisk for $20)

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