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Best LG V40 Screen Protectors



These are the best LG V40 ThinQ screen protectors that will keep your phone safe and looking new. With a bigger screen and two cameras on the front, protection is highly recommended. We’ll explain the different types of protectors and what they each have to offer.

LG’s new V40 is water-resistant and LG’s best phone yet, but it’s not shatterproof. So while the phone is very durable and wrapped in aluminum, you’ll still want a screen protector to cover it against life’s daily hazards.

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You have two different styles of screen protectors to choose from, and knowing which one you need is important. One is a cheap film and the other is a more durable and expensive tempered glass. We’ve found some priced under $8, and others for $12, which is much cheaper than the $180+ it costs to replace a damaged screen. Highly reputable brands cost upwards of $40.

While the LG V40 screen isn’t as curved as a Galaxy S9, the glass does have a slight curve on it. This is by design, but it means some protectors will feel a little short, or too small. That, also, is so cases don’t pull up and remove your screen protector. Just keep that in mind as you by and install one.

As for the protectors themselves, the films are usually cheap but they’re not very durable. They’ll work in a pinch, but we recommend using a durable tempered glass protector instead. Especially if you don’t plan on keeping your LG V40 in a case. The more expensive ones use a chemically hardened and strengthened glass similar to what’s already on your phone.

Even if you buy a case, we still suggest getting a screen protector. That’s because a case won’t protect your phone in a purse or pocket full of keys, or from life’s daily hazards. As more companies release protection we’ll add them to this list. For now, consider popular brands like BodyGuardz, SuperShieldz, Skinomi and more. Buy one today and keep your LG V40 safe.

SuperShieldz Tempered Glass 2-Pack

SuperShieldz Tempered Glass 2-Pack

SuperShieldz is one of our favorite brands when it comes to screen protection, and its latest tempered glass 2-pack is no exception. 

They use precise cutouts for the dual front-facing cameras, sensors, earpiece and more around the notch. Then, it has color-matched sides and bezels so it'll barely be visible. Plus, you don't have to get a perfect alignment for it to look good. The protector is ultra-thin too, so it should work great with your favorite LG V40 case. This glass has a 9H hardness rating, 99.9% clarity, and the usual features of an oleophobic coating, scratch resistance, and a lifetime warranty. 

Plus, if you mess up the first install, you have a second one to try again. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $10.99

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