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10 Best LG V40 Cases



This guide shares a list of the best LG V40 cases that will protect your phone and keep it looking nice and new. Considering LG added a huge 6.4-inch screen and three cameras to the back, we highly recommend a case. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some exciting cases worth considering.

Thankfully, LG V40 cases come in multiple different styles, colors, and materials to get exactly what you need. Some are super slim, others are very robust, but all of them should keep the phone safe.

We’ve found some priced as low as $5, which is a lot cheaper than spending $200 to replace a screen. Or, you can spend anywhere from $15 to $50 to get the most durable cases from reputable brands we know and trust. Furthermore, we have cases with kickstands, real wood cases and more to fit any users needs.

While we recommend buying a quality case from a popular brand first, even a cheap $6 or $8 TPU case from Amazon is better than nothing. This is a big phone and you’ll want a case, trust me. If you spend a few more dollars the more expensive cases have dual-layers for extra protection, built-in screen protectors, or are simply more durable.

Some of these cases are extremely thin, or clear to show off one of the many fancy colors you can choose when buying the LG V40. If you don’t like bulky cases that cover up your phone’s design, get a clear case. If that’s not a concern, we recommend something slightly more robust or one with a built-in kickstand. We have a few of those too.

Keep in mind that the LG V40 is IP68 dust and water-resistant. It even has a military compliant MIL-STD 810G rating for durability. Not only is that neat, but it means you won’t need a waterproof case either.

In closing, a lot of buyers see overpriced cases in carrier or retail stores and skip getting one completely. Don’t do that. A case will keep those triple cameras safe and protect your phone from life’s daily hazards. Our recommendations are from big names including Spigen, Supcase, Otterbox, Ringke, and others at affordable prices. Get a case today and play it safe.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Spigen always offers different styles, levels of protection, and features all for a good price. They're one of the most popular smartphone case manufacturers on the market.

The model most users choose is the Spigen Rugged Armor and its neat faux carbon fiber styling. However, all the chinese brands copied the style so we're recommending the Liquid Crystal instead. Plus, the Liquid Crystal is completely clear or color-matched to the V40.

This case is 100% TPU, which is a soft and flexible blend of rubber and plastic. Giving it rigged strength but enough flexibility to resist drops and impacts. The inside is layered with extra lines of TPU to spread out the force from drops, and the edges have raised lips to keep the screen and triple camera safe at all times. You can lay it face-down on a table and the screen will never touch.

Lately, Spigen's cases are even better-looking thanks to new glossy accents and edges, and attention to detail. This clear case looks good and has a dot-matrix design to prevent fingerprints, discoloration, or other marks over time. 

Buy it Now for $11.99 on Amazon

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