10 Best Moto E4 Cases
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10 Best Moto E4 Cases



In this buying guide we’ll share a list of the best Moto E4 cases to protect your phone and keep it looking new. The Moto E4 is finally available and could be one of the best budget smartphones on the market. Just because it is cheap though, doesn’t mean you don’t need protection.

Considering the phone is still fairly new the options are slightly limited. However, we found cases in different styles, features, and colors to fit any users needs.

To follow the trend of being affordable we’ve found some cases priced as low as $4.50, which is cheaper than the $100 or more it costs to replace a broken screen. You’ll need to spend between $10-$20 for the best protection from reputable brands. Or to get extra features like a wallet and kickstand.

While we recommend investing in a quality case from Motorola themselves, even a cheap $5-$10 TPU case on Amazon is better than nothing. More expensive options offer thicker and more durable materials or a premium design with added features. Some even come with an included screen protector for the best protection.

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Many users skip buying a case because they don’t want to cover up the premium metal design of this $129 smartphone. However, that 5-inch screen can still scratch and break if dropped, or the metal will get covered in scratches. The phone is resilient but it’s far from scratch-proof. As a result, we have some clear cases that offer the best of both worlds. Good looks and protection at the same time.

A case will help prevent damage or scratches to the metal body or big camera lens and make it easier to hold. While some of the biggest brands like Spigen have yet to launch Moto E4 cases, owners still have more than a few options to choose from. We’ve done the hard work for you, so pick a case from our slideshow below.

Incipio NGP Rugged for Moto E4

Incipio NGP Rugged for Moto E4

First things first, the Moto E4 comes in two different versions. One for the United States and another for international markets. Make sure the case you buy fits the model you have. The U.S. Moto E4 does NOT have a speaker on the back and is thinner than the international model. If the case has a rear speaker cutout, it won't fit. 

The first case on our list comes from one of the most trusted brands in smartphone accessories, Incipio. They make quality cases that fit with perfection, offer plenty of protection and look good at the same time. 

Incipio's NGP case uses an extra thick polymer (TPU) material. Making it thicker than most cases around, extremely durable, yet still sleek enough to easily slide into your pocket. The company uses a honeycomb texture on the inside to prevent dirt and dust build-up, and a textured back for a better grip. This is probably one of the best cases available. 

Buy it Now for $13.99 (on sale)

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