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17 Best Moto X Pure Edition Accessories



The new 2015 Moto X Pure Edition is one of Motorola’s best smartphones ever released. It features a big 5.7-inch Quad-HD display, more customization than ever, a great camera, long-lasting battery life and more. Now that millions have customized their own, below we want to share a few great cases and accessories to help buyers get the most from the Moto X Pure Edition.

At the moment Motorola is only offering a select few accessories for the phone, like the Moto 360 and some headphones, but 3rd party manufacturers and accessory makers have tons of great Moto X options. Everything from cases, armbands, selfie sticks and more.

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Motorola’s impressive Moto X Pure Edition is unlocked and works on all major carriers in the United States. Once buyers get it, they’ll want some accessories to enjoy this phone to the fullest. We’ve already detailed some great cases, but below is a roundup of nearly 17 accessories you’ll want for the Moto X.


Most of these accessories are relatively low in cost and won’t hurt your wallet too much. In fact, they’ll add things like a kickstand built into a case, improved sound with Bluetooth speakers, car docks for safe driving and easier navigation, additional storage and much much more.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy the new Moto X our full review should help you make up your mind. It’s an impressive smartphone with plenty to offer, not to mention takes some amazing photos, runs stock Android, and received a GottaBeMobile Editors’ Choice Award.

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Those who’ve already bought the Moto X will likely want to get some cases, accessories, a micro-SD slot to expand storage and more to get the most out of this phone. There may not be as many options as those with a Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6s, but 3rd party manufacturers still have plenty to offer. Below is a collection of 17 or so of the most useful accessories available right now.

Moto X Pure Cases

Moto X Pure Cases

We've already detailed 10 excellent cases for the Moto X, but one of our favorites is probably the Unicorn Beetle by SUPCASE. It's a simple, thin, elegant case that offers tons of protection without a lot of bulk. We'll share another later in this slideshow, but any of the 10 linked to above are all great options. Including the SUPCASE. Get it below.

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