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6 Best Moto X4 Screen Protectors



These are the best Moto X4 screen protectors to keep your screen looking new. We’ll also explain the different kinds of screen protection available, and why you might want one.

The new Moto X4 comes with a premium design and a big 5.2-inch HD display. And while the phone is durable, it’s not shatterproof. A screen protector will keep it scratch-free and help prevent damage from drops and life’s daily hazards.

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You have two styles of protectors to choose from. One is a thin film and the other is a more expensive and durable glass. We’ve found awesome Moto X4 screen protective for as low as $6.99, which is cheaper than the $150+ it costs to repair a damaged screen. Tempered glass coverage from reputable brands like ZAGG costs even more.

the Moto X4 doesn’t have a curved screen like the Galaxy S8 or other high-end phones, and that actually means a glass screen protector will fit perfectly. Our options include typical cheap films and tempered strengthened glass that can handle more wear and tear.

The cheapest screen protection is a film or HD film. This is a thin layer of durable military-grade material that’s scratch resistant and is typically very inexpensive. One of these is better than nothing and will give you some peace of mind. The more expensive protectors use a chemically hardened and strengthened glass like what’s already on your screen. This tempered glass is extremely scratch and shatter-resistant. If it does break, the phone is often safe underneath.

Even if you buy a case, we still recommend using a screen protector. That’s because a case won’t protect your phone in a purse or pocket full of keys. If you want to keep your new Moto X4 in great shape, get one of our recommended screen protectors below. We’ve found great options from popular brands we know, use, and trust for screen protection.

Skinomi TechSkin Film

Skinomi TechSkin Film

First up is a regular film instead of glass. And while many prefer glass, Skinomi has been making screen protection for years. They offer tried and tested products that work great on all devices. 

Skinomi TechSkin isn't just a regular film you'll find in carrier stores or Best Buy either. This is a military-grade poly film that's extremely durable. You can't even puncture this film with a pen, it's that strong. It's very flexible, scratch-resistant, and won't yellow over time. 

They use a liquid installation, which prevents bubbles while you apply the screen protector. It also features a matte coating to help cut out glare on the screen of your Moto X4. Additionally, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong, they'll replace it for you. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $7.85

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. santhu

    01/05/2018 at 10:46 pm

    I have been using the Gadgetshieldz screen protector for my x4. I have bought it after seeing the review from the youtube. They totally worth the money.

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