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Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse $69.99

Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse $69.99

The Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse is ready for work and play, no matter what its name says.

When you’re at work, switch on the built-in Bluetooth technology and no one will guess that it’s a gaming mouse. Its sleek, black body has rubber grips that lock it in the palm of your hand. On Bluetooth, the Orochi’s battery lasts for 7 months.

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Connecting the Razer Orochi with a USB cable practically puts it into gaming mode. Its Razer Chroma LED lights are customizable with the USB cable, so you can see this mouse in the dark. Software that comes with the mouse lets you tweak the bottom laser’s sensitivity and customize what its buttons do in your favorite games. When wired, response time falls from 8 milliseconds to 1 millisecond, guaranteeing that if you die in a multiplayer game it isn’t because your mouse is slow.

The Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse costs $69.99.

Buy the Razer Orochi from Razer for $69.99

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