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7 Best New Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2018



Yoshi for Nintendo Switch

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch doesn’t have an official name yet, but we do know a little about it. It’s a side-scrolling game that uses 3D graphics to standout on the Nintendo Switch.

Mechanics and an unorthodox camera system let gamers fully appreciate this game’s distinct art style. The camera flips from side to side, so you can see the front of a building and behind it. Whenever Yoshi stomps on the ground, the camera angle changes.

Yoshi himself hasn’t changed that much. He still jumps on enemies to take them out and uses eggs as projectile weapons. Also, he can still eat enemies when his other attacks don’t work on.

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch has a two-player mode, but Nintendo hasn’t shown much of it since confirming the game’s 2018 release window.

Pre-order Yoshi for Nintendo Switch from Amazon for $59.99

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