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10 Best New Mobile Games Still Coming in 2019




Just like how Blizzard doesn't understand its community with the Diablo release, Valve doesn't understand it's gaming community and fans either. When both companies could have put its millions of dollars into amazing games, they didn't. 

Instead, Valve released a card-collecting type game in collaboration with legendary game designer Richard Garfield. Artifact is a digital card game that combines deeply-strategic, competitive gameplay with the rich setting of Dota 2. The result is an immersive and visually-stunning trading card game unlike any other.

It's all about collecting cards, finding lanes, having fun with friends and being very strategic. So far the results and reviews are mixed on the PC platform, but it could give similar mobile games a serious run for their money. And while it looks and sounds fun, they could do so much more with mobile if they really tried. 

Additionally, when Artifact hits iPhone and Android around mid-2019, it'll be the first game to bring Valve's Source 2 engine to mobile. So that's an exciting first step. 

Again, we're waiting for "this summer". Just know that this summer tons of huge games are coming out. 

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