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10 Best New Mobile Games Still Coming in 2019



Project Cars GO

Gamevil and Slightly Mad Studios teamed up to deliver an all-new racing game for mobile that will rival the best of the best. Considering Real Racing 3 came out YEARS ago, and RR4 is nowhere to be seen, this could be the next best thing. 

In fact, out of all the upcoming racing games from Gameloft, GRID AutoSport and more, I'm most excited for Project Cars GO. This simulator racing game is extremely popular on the desktop or console, and it's finally coming to mobile devices. 

President of Gamevil USA Kyu Lee said that: “Project Cars Go will feature a host of licensed vehicles and deep car customization options that will bring the authenticity and feel of Project Cars to mobile devices.”

Plus, we know the game has stunning cars, amazing graphics, and was created with the help of real racers from around the world. It's been one of the best racing games on PS4 for a while now, and get ready for tons of speed on your iPhone or Android device. If you've played this before, you know why this is so exciting. They still claim it's coming soon, but the summer is almost over and we haven't seen an update for quite a while. 

Project Cars Go Release Date - This Summer

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