Best Nintendo Switch Accessories
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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories



Not a single piece of consumer electronics exists in a vacuum. To get the most out of your smartphone, you need headphones and apps. To get the best desktop experience possible, you need a mouse and keyboard for your PC. The same is true of the Nintendo Switch. To get the most out of the console you’ll need Nintendo Switch accessories. Any accessories won’t do, you’ll want the best Nintendo Switch accessories available.

Finding the best Nintendo Switch accessories is no small feat either. Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 consoles have had since 2013 to nurture their ecosystems. Nintendo was focusing on the Wii U, a halfway step between the motion-focused and successful Wii and the Nintendo Switch that we have today. Like the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen that you’ll want to keep safe from scratches. It has a plastic body that you’ll want to protect from dings and scrapes. Unlike the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch is both a living room entertainment console and a mobile gaming console.

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Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories so far. Each one of these items extends the Nintendo Switch in some way or protects the somewhat fragile mobile console from the constant dangers that lurk inside your house and just beyond your front door. Some are officially made by Nintendo themselves, while a few others are part of the company’s licensing program for accessory makers.

Consider picking up some of these when you head out to purchase your new Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - $99.99

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - $99.99

 The first accessory that anyone should consider getting straight-away is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Revealed alongside the console, it’s this accessory that’ll allow you to skip adapting to the Joy-Cons when playing on a television set. The controller offers HD rumble and supports adding extras to a game using Nintendo’s Amiibo figures.

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Unfortunately, no website that sells the Nintendo Switch has the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in stock.

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