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8 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers & Joy-Con Grips



The Nintendo Switch is a different kind of video game console and to get the most from it you need one or more of the best Nintendo Switch controllers and Joy-Con docks.

Your Nintendo Switch can morph into whatever kind of console you need. Add the Joy-Cons to the device’s side and now you have a handheld gaming console. Remove them and pair the console with a dock to play a game on your couch. Nintendo Switch controllers and Joy-Con docks solve issues that make both these experiences problematic.

Different Nintendo Switch controllers and grips improve your experience in different ways. Any Joy-Con grip makes the tiny controllers that Nintendo includes with the console easier to hold. Because they can charge the wireless accessories, you don’t need to switch gaming modes every time one of them dies.

Replacements for the Joy-Cons are just as great. The Nintendo Switch Core and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller let you abandon the Joy-Cons entirely if you like to play games on your TV. Some controllers are wired, so you don’t need to recharge them at all. They cost less than a new set of Joy-Cons and a Joy-Con grip.

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Here are the best Nintendo Switch controllers and Joy-Con docks. Use these accessories to significantly improve your Nintendo Switch experience.

Best Nintendo Switch Controllers

  • Nintendo Switch Neon Yellow Joy-Cons
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Clip Grip Power for Nintendo Switch
  • Swivel Grips for Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Core Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheels
  • FastNail Joy-Con Grips for Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

Nintendo Switch Neon Yellow Joy-Cons - $79.95

Nintendo Switch Neon Yellow Joy-Cons - $79.95

If you need a second pair of Joy-Cons, don’t hesitate to buy the Neon Yellow Joy-Con controller pack. You will never confuse your Nintendo Switch controllers with anyone else’s ever again.

The $79.95 accessory pack has two Joy-Cons inside that are just like the Joy-Cons that came with your controller. You can use them for handheld mode or pair them with a Joy-Con grip. Each has motion sensors inside too, so you can steer in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by tilting them to the left or right. Best of all, the Neon Yellow Joy-Cons are so bright that you can spot them anywhere instantly. 

The Neon Yellow Joy-Cons costs $79.95.

Buy the Nintendo Switch Neo Yellow Joy-Cons from Amazon for $79.95

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