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Best Nokia 2 Cases (2018)



These are the best Nokia 2 cases you can buy right now. Our buying guide will go over all the different cases available and what they each have to offer. This is an excellent affordable phone, and you’ll want to keep it looking nice and new.

Just because Nokia’s latest Android phones are ultra-affordable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep them protected. In fact, all that money you saved buying this you can use towards an excellent and durable Nokia 2 case.

We have everything from thin cases, cheap options, kickstand cases, to heavy-duty protection. Our list details cases as low as $4, which is better than paying $100+ to repair a broken screen. You can spend a little more on the most durable cases or something made by a reputable brand.

While we recommend investing in a high-quality case, even cheap $5-10 TPU cases on Amazon are better than no case at all. Actually, TPU cases usually offer some of the best protection for half the cost of other cases. Before we begin, this is for the Nokia 2 from 2017, although we will link to a Nokia 2.1 (2018) case as well.

A good case will have raised edges around the screen and camera lens. This way important aspects of your phone get protected from life’s daily hazards.

In closing, being one of the best budget phones available in 2017-18 means owners have more than a few cases to choose from. Popular brands like KuGi have great protection, and several others on Amazon. That said, it’s not the latest Galaxy S9 so your options are somewhat limited. Don’t worry though, as we’ve gathered a list of the best cases that will keep your phone safe, protect the screen or camera, and make it easier to hold. Grab a case from our slideshow below.

KuGi SS Premium Case

KuGi SS Premium Case

First on our list is the KuGi SS Slim case for the Nokia 2. This company offers a slew of cases that have a stylish design, solid TPU materials, and an affordable price. The KuGi SS has a fake leather look and feel with the stitches and all. 

In reality, it's nothing but TPU, which is fine. TPU absorbs impacts with ease and it's lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for cases. This case is easy to install, has textured sides to improve your grip, and raised edges to keep the screen safe. 

Get it now in multiple different colors for $8 on Amazon

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