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10 Best Nokia 6 Cases



These are the best Nokia 6 cases to protect your phone and keep it looking new. Our buying guide will go over all the different cases available and what they each have to offer. This is an excellent affordable phone, but with a big 5.5-inch screen a case is highly recommended.

Just because Nokia’s latest phones are ultra-affordable, or even cheap, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep them protected. In fact, being an excellent phone for just over $200 means you’ll have some extra money to get a quality Nokia 6 case.

We have everything from thin cases, cheap options, kickstand cases, to heavy-duty protection. Our list details cases as low as $7, which is better than paying $150+ to repair a broken screen. You’ll need to spend upwards of $25 for the most durable cases or something made by Nokia themselves.

While we recommend investing in a quality case from Nokia, even cheap $7-10 TPU cases on Amazon are better than nothing. In fact, TPU cases typically offer some of the best protection for half the cost of other cases. The more expensive Nokia 6 cases have durable materials, extra features like a kickstand, or premium materials like Carbon Fiber.

Additionally, a case will have raised edges around the screen and camera lens. This way important aspects of your phone can’t get damaged easily.

The Nokia 6 comes in a few different storage and RAM configurations, but they all have the same design. Meaning any and all cases from our roundup will fit your phone.

In closing, being one of the best budget phones available in 2017 means owners have tons of cases to choose from. Popular brands like Incipio have great protection, and several others on Amazon. That said, it’s not the latest Galaxy S8 so your options are somewhat limited. Don’t worry though, as we’ve gathered a list of the best cases that will keep your phone safe, protect the screen or camera, and make it easier to hold. Grab a case from our slideshow below.

Nokia Carbon Fiber Hard Shell

Nokia Carbon Fiber Hard Shell

First up is the official Carbon Fiber case from Nokia themselves. This slim, sleek, hard-shell case features a smooth yet easy to grip carbon fiber outer shell. Each corner has extra protection to keep your phone safe from drops too. 

Being an official case made by Nokia means you'll get the perfect fit. Precision laser-cutouts give you access to all the buttons, ports, camera, sensors and more. In fact, this case is more of a snap-on cover. So while it doesn't cover the entire phone, all the important parts are safe. 

Each corner folds over and extends beyond the screen, so you can lay the phone face-down without worry. It doesn't hurt that the case looks stylish with the stainless steel and carbon fiber finish.  

Buy it Now for $22 from MobileFun

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