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15 Best OnePlus 5 Cases



OtterBox for OnePlus 5 ($30)

OtterBox for OnePlus 5 ($30)

If you want the absolute best case in terms of durability for the OnePlus 5, consider the officially licensed Otterbox case. OnePlus teamed up with Otterbox to build a strong and durable case that isn't too thick. It's the perfect blend of protection and comes in a nice black color or a sweet-looking Racing Red and black color option. 


Otterbox is known for having some of the most rugged cases for any smartphone and is a trusted brand by millions. So get this case and protect the OnePlus 5 from life's daily hazards. 


Buy it for $29.95



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  2. nirshan

    07/01/2017 at 1:59 am

    Get the skins that will make the OnePlus look dope. There are lot of brands started offering skins in cheap price with top quality, One example is . I have bought the full body protector that was neat and looks perfect for me. Will jump to their skins soon.

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