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5 Best OnePlus 6 Screen Protectors



When you get your new OnePlus 6 you’ll likely debate all the ways to keep it safe. And while some people think being careful is enough, most users will want a screen protector. Which is why in this buyers guide we’ll go over the different styles of OnePlus 6 screen protectors, and recommend some of the best ones available.

Protecting that big 6.3-inch OLED display is no easy task, but a screen protector can help keep it scratch-free and safe from life’s daily hazards. Tempered glass offers the best protection but a clear film is usually cheaper and easier to install.

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Whether you prefer tempered glass or a flexible film, these are the best screen protectors for the OnePlus 6.

  • Official OnePlus 6 3D Tempered Glass
  • AVIDET Tempered Glass 2-Pack
  • Vigeer Full Coverage Case Friendly Tempered Glass
  • TopACE Tempered Glass 2-Pack
  • IQShield LiquidSkin Clear Film

We’ve found affordable protection for around $8, or you can get official OnePlus glass for $20. Either route is cheaper than spending $150 to replace a broken or damaged screen.

Official OnePlus 6 3D Tempered Glass

The official 3D curved tempered glass screen protector from OnePlus themselves is likely your best bet. This glass is cut with precision to perfectly fit your new phone. It offers edge-to-edge protection, color-matched bezels, and it’s as tough as nails.

OnePlus uses the industry standard 9H glass that’s chemically strengthened for durability. Then, they add an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and smudges. The glass perfectly wraps around the entire screen but avoids the notch and front camera. You’ll notice the glass has a rounded edge too, which prevents cracks, chipping, and stops the protector from peeling up over time.

Buy it from OnePlus for $19.95

AVIDET Tempered Glass 2-Pack

While official accessories from the manufacturer are great, they’re typically more expensive. As a result, most smartphone owners end up looking for something more affordable. Not only is the AVIDET tempered glass cheap, but you’ll get two. That way if one breaks or you mess up the install, you’ll have an extra.

This company uses a similar chemically strengthened glass that scores a 9H on the hardness scale. As a comparison, the OnePlus 6 screen itself has the same 9H-rated durable glass. Basically, this screen protector gives you a second layer for added protection, durability, and peace of mind.

AVIDET uses a curved edge to prevent peeling or cracks but didn’t add a bezel to the protector like OnePlus. This way it’ll be completely clear and blend right into your phone. There’s no cutout for the notch, and it covers the entire front of the device.

Buy it Now for $8 on Amazon

Vigeer Full Coverage Case Friendly Tempered Glass

Another option comes from Vigeer that offers a durable full-coverage tempered glass protector for the OnePlus 6. It’s similar to the official OnePlus protector, only it wraps around the notch to keep the camera lens and sensors on the front safe too.

This screen protector basically covers the entire front of the device 100% and is precision cut so you can use a case. They too have a curved 2.5D rounded edge to prevent cracks or peeling. That curved edge allows you to use a case without worrying that it’ll pull up and ruin your screen protector.

Like most glass, this has a 9H rating, 99.9% clarity, anti-scratch and fingerprint coatings, and is only 0.3mm thick.

Buy it Now for $8.99 on Amazon

TopACE Tempered Glass 2-Pack

More and more manufacturers are offering excellent screen protection in 2-packs. That way if anything goes wrong you have an extra, or for couples that both get a new phone. So, if you just bought two new OnePlus 6 phones, here’s a screen protector that will keep them safe.

TopACE always makes great cases so it only makes sense that they’d also offer screen protectors that are compatible with cases. This tempered glass covers the entire screen but doesn’t quite stretch to the edges. That’s so you can easily use a case, but also because the sides of the OnePlus 6 screen are slightly curved. To prevent that “halo” effect we see with iPhone screen protectors, they cut each piece of glass a hair short of the edges.

Like the others, this glass is only 0.3mm thick and is chemically strengthened for ultimate durability. Get two for the price of one.

Buy it Now for $7.98 on Amazon

IQShield LiquidSkin Clear Film

Last but not least is the IQShield clear film for those that don’t like glass protection. Films are typically easier to install, and that’s truer than ever with this option. Each IQShield comes with an easy application tray that perfectly aligns the film to your phone. That way you never mess up the installation process.

This military-grade film is easy to install, super durable and works perfectly with the curved glass edge on the OnePlus 6. These work great with cases too, simply because they’re so thin.

Unlike most cheap films, IQShield ads a coating to prevent fingerprints and scratches, allows the film to self-heal, and it won’t yellow over time. They even offer a glare-free matte film for those that want one.

Buy it on Amazon for $7.85

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1 Comment

  1. OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

    05/25/2018 at 2:57 am

    The only way to stay away from the scratches on OP6 is having a good protector on both the sides. I would recommend to get it one from the Gadgetshieldz. It would protect almost all the parts of your device without even adding bulk!!

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