10 Best OnePlus 6 Cases

These are the best OnePlus 6 cases to protect your phone and keep it looking new. In order to keep that big new 6.3-inch screen scratch-free, a case is highly recommended. Our buying guide goes over the different cases available and what they each have to offer.

As expected, the OnePlus 6 has a beautiful screen and premium design. The screen is bigger than any other OnePlus device, it has a notch, and there’s glass on the back of the phone. It looks good, but that means its more fragile. Which is why we found a bunch of durable case styles from brands we know, use, and trust.

Our list offers everything from heavy-duty protection, super thin cases, flip cases, and affordable protection. You’ll find some cases as low as $5, which is better than paying $150+ to repair a broken phone. Or, spend a little more for added durability, or upwards of $25 for something directly from OnePlus.

OnePlus is quickly becoming one of the most smartphone manufacturers for budget shoppers. That said, we’re not seeing a lot of cases for its best phone yet, the OnePlus 6. Big brands like Incipio and Speck won’t be making coverage at all. Don’t worry though, there are still multiple options.

While we recommend investing in a quality $20-$30 case from OnePlus themselves, even a $5-8 TPU case on Amazon is better than nothing. Even if you don’t want to cover the premium design or that matte black finish, just use a clear case.

A case will help prevent damage or scratches to the dual cameras on the back of your phone, make it easier to hold and keep that big 6.3-inch screen safe. Basically, protection from life’s daily hazards. We’ll update this list when brands like Spigen and VRS design release cases. For now, choose from these 10 best OnePlus 6 cases and keep your phone safe.

OnePlus 6 Nylon Bumper Case

OnePlus 6 Nylon Bumper Case

Our first recommendation is a case right from OnePlus themselves. This ensures a perfect fit, precise cutouts for the buttons and notch and a great user experience. 

As expected, OnePlus is offering multiple different cases for its new phone. The official "bumper case" actually comes in three finishes. Our favorite is the all-new OnePlus 6 Nylon Bumper Case. This blends a soft woven texture fabric with a hard polycarbonate shell to keep your phone safe. The sides and corners use a soft TPU material too, which absorbs impacts from drops or damage. 

This case looks good, makes the phone easier to hold, and resists drops, fingerprints, scratches and more. You can get the bumper case in Ebony wood, or the popular Karbon Fiber finish. 

Buy it for $24.95 from OnePlus

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