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Best Power Banks for the Galaxy S20



The Samsung Galaxy S20 has several notable upgrades this year including a bigger battery. However, with a big 120Hz screen and 5G, the battery life might not be as good as expected. This is why you’ll want a power bank for the Galaxy S20 to recharge it while you travel or are busy at work.

You can call these portable battery chargers, power banks, or battery packs, they all do the same thing. They store battery power that you can transfer to your phone when there isn’t a wall outlet nearby.

The Galaxy S20, S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra pack a 4,000 mAh, 4,500 mAh and 5,000 mAh battery respectively. They should last all day, but it not, give these power banks a try.

1. Anker 10,000 mAh PD USB-C Charger (Best Overall)

$40 at Amazon

Our first pick and favorite power bank is the Anker PowerCore Slim. It’s just about the same size as a Galaxy S20 and has enough battery reserved to fully recharge any Galaxy S20 model twice, or more. With both USB Type-C power deliver (the faster one) and a regular Quick Charge USB port you can charge your phone with either cable, and it’s still fast.

2. Samsung 10k Wireless Charging Battery Pack (2-in-1 Wired or Wireless)

$38 at Amazon

If you prefer name-brand accessories this Samsung battery pack can recharge your Galaxy S20 with or without a cable thanks to the Qi wireless charging pad on the top. That way if you forget (or lose) your cable you don’t have to worry. Plus, it can also charge accessories like your Galaxy Watch 2 or Galaxy Buds, which is nice. It has 10,000 mAh of juice and comes in Silver or Pink for the ladies.

3. RAVPower Pioneer 20,000 mAh PD Portable Charger (High Capacity)

$46 at Amazon

If you’re not worried about the size, for just a few dollars more you can get this powerful high-capacity 20,000 mAh USB-C portable charger from RAVPower. This will fully charge your Galaxy S20 4-5 times, depending on the model. Thanks to 60w of output and Power Delivery, this can recharge your phone with either port and is also capable of recharging a Macbook, Nintendo Switch and more.

4. Aukey Mini 5,000 mAh USB-C Battery Pack (Pocket-friendly)

$18 at Amazon

This compact power bank is perfect for emergencies and has just enough juice to fully charge even the biggest Galaxy S20 Ultra. Aukey’s Mini USB-C battery is about the size of a candy bar so you can easily throw it in a purse, gym bag or pocket and have it ready when you need it.

5. Anker PowerCore 26,800 mAh Fast Portable Battery (Best for the S20 Ultra)

$119 at Amazon

This next battery isn’t cheap, but the Anker PowerCore+ packs nearly 27,000 mAh of battery which means it can charge just about anything and everything you own. Whether that’s the Galaxy S20 Ultra nearly 6 times, a laptop, or you can charge three devices at the same time. It features USB-C Power Delivery, two regular USB ports, and it even comes with its own dedicated 60w wall charger. It’s a beast.

Or, if you want a battery pack specifically built for the 45w fast charging of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, buy this one.

6. Aukey 10,000 mAh USB-C Power Bank (Slim, Fast & Affordable)

$30 at Amazon

Last but not least, we wanted to recommend one more slim, fast, and affordable 10,000 mAh power bank. The Aukey PD Power Bank has enough juice to recharge your Galaxy S20 more than two times, supports power delivery with USB-C, then has two more ports for cross-device compatibility. You can use the USB-C port, the Quick Charge plug, or the regular full-size USB port for anything else. It does a little of everything and it’s under $30.

Most of these won’t charge your Galaxy S20 quite as fast as the wall plug that came in the box, but they’re all great options. These are still the best and fastest portable battery power banks to charge your Galaxy S20 on the go.

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