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10 Cool Things the Galaxy S20 Can Do



Samsung’s Galaxy S20 phones are really powerful and have a bunch of neat features, especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You’ll love the huge Infinity display and four cameras on the back, but those aren’t the only cool S20 features. In fact, here’s a list of 10 cool things the Galaxy S20 can do to help you enjoy your new phone to the fullest.

Compared to the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S10 these new phones have a ton that’s new and exciting. Whether that’s the 30x telephoto zoom lens, the crazy fast 120Hz display, or that you can charge other phones right from the back of the Galaxy S20.

There’s a lot you probably don’t know, and you’ll want to take advantage of every one of these Galaxy S20 features.

10 Cool Things the Galaxy S20 Can Do

  • 240Hz Touch Response & 120Hz Display
  • Amazing 100x Telephoto Zoom Camera
  • Add Live Captions on any Video
  • Take 10 Photos & 4 Videos with one Tap
  • Powershare Reverse Wireless Charging
  • Go Faster with 2 Types of 5G Connectivity
  • Record in Stunning 8K Video
  • Tons of Storage (Up to 1.5TB of space)
  • Turn Your Phone into a Computer with DeX
  • Create a GIF from any Video or Movie

As you can see, the Galaxy S20 has some crazy new features when compared to the Galaxy S10 and even the Galaxy Note 10+ from late 2019. Samsung showed off some awesome features when they announced these phones, but you can only show and say so much up on stage. As a result, we’ve gathered our favorite features for you below. Features that make this the best phone you’ve ever had.

We’re talking about magically getting captions for any video you watch while you’re on a commute or plane ride, creating a GIF from any video, or zooming in further than ever before to snap mind-bending photos. Not to mention charging your headphoneswatch, or even charge a friend’s phone WITH your Galaxy S20 — wirelessly. That’s on top of 8K video recording and so much more.

Basically, we’ll show you what the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G can do. The best and most amazing Galaxy S20 features you’ll absolutely want to know about and try.

240Hz Touch Response & 120Hz Display

240Hz Touch Response & 120Hz Display

A big talking point for Samsung is the new 120Hz display on the Galaxy S20 family of phones. In 2019 brands like Google and OnePlus released 90Hz phones, where the screen refreshes faster than ever before.

With the Galaxy S20, you're getting a 120Hz display that refreshes 120 times per second, instead of only 60 times, making it twice as fast, fluid, and smooth. This makes a HUGE different in day to day usage, and you'll notice it immediately. Remember the first 120Hz or even 240Hz HDTV's several years ago, and how amazing sports and content looked? That's what we're getting on our phones now. Don't forget to use a screen protector

However, Samsung made another massive leap forward with the screen on the Galaxy S20 that most people aren't talking about. 

In addition to the 120Hz refresh rate, they doubled the touch response to 240Hz. Combine those two, and the Galaxy S20 screen is very fast to respond to your touch, then even faster to do whatever you asked of it. This will make for improved daily usage, better gameplay experiences, and much more. The entire phone just feels super fast and snappy, more so than ever before.

They're also HDR10+ compatible, and as usual, Samsung's best smartphone display ever made. 

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