10 Best PUBG Like Battle Royale Games for Android and iPhone

Black Survival

Black Survival

Next on our list is another PUBG alternative, but this one is completely different from everything else on our list. You'll still play and enjoy the same battle royale gameplay, only it's more gruesome and full of anime. 

Yes, you're dropping into a beach, island, or other areas as an anime character, and then doing the typical PUBG thing. While researching different games I found a pretty big group of fans that absolutely love Black Survival. 

Black Survival lets you choose an anime character, then drops you along with 9 other players into one of 22 different locations. Each one is slightly different, but it's still a battle royale where you'll need to find cover, craft things, and shoot (or chainsaw) your way to victory. 

Two things we really like are the 20-minute game times, so you aren't playing forever, and you can play with one hand. That's all you need to make a good PUBG alternative for Android or iPhone. They also make sure to keep the game fair, without any pay to win elements. Try it today. 

Download for: Android or iPhone

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