5 Best Reddit Apps for Android

Reddit, what many call the “front page of the internet” is currently working on an Android app of their own, but for now users have to rely on the confusing web interface, or multiple 3rd party apps for Android. Whether your first cake day is coming up, or you’re a long-time Reddit user, below are five or so of our favorite Reddit apps for Android.

People bored at work, sitting on public transit, or just home on the couch all over the world use Reddit, and it’s one of the most popular websites on the planet. Oddly enough they’ve never released their own Android app, and as a result there are countless excellent options available on the Google Play Store.

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The Reddit website isn’t the best viewing experience on Android or iPhone devices, as the text is all rather small, and a few apps fix those problems. My favorite is reddit is fun, which has a very similar interface, but made for mobile, but that isn’t the only good choice as of late so read on for our five favorite.

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Some apps aren’t very well made, others are old and outdated, while some have the latest Android “material design” interface experience to keep your Android devices looking good across the board while viewing Reddit. If you’ve never been to the website, don’t, because it can become somewhat addicting.

As we said above though, new users or seasoned Reddit fans alike can all appreciate one of the five 3rd party Reddit apps for Android detailed below.

Reddit is fun

At first glance reddit is fun actually has the user interface closest to the actual website, but it clearly has a few mobile additions. There are touches of Google’s material design, like the slide-out navigation bar on the left, and easy controls. Those aside, it has the same upvote and downvote system that is displayed in a clean fashion. It might not be the prettiest app, but it’s an excellent experience, and one I can’t seem to break away from, even while trying others.


Reddit is fun opens websites, GIFs, and images right inside the app, so users won’t have to leave to enjoy content and then come back, and even has a fancy sync option so it knows where you were on a PC, and syncs that information across to a smartphone or tablet.

Reddit is Fun has a light, dark, or black theme, native link handling, a simple readability mode, quick up/down vote arrows and color-coded links letting users know they’ve viewed a submission, and much more.

They’ve recently added tablet support, which is average at best, and even a widget, but I prefer to simply browse reddit right inside the Reddit is Fun app on my smartphone. Get it from the link below.

Download – Reddit is fun

BaconReader for Reddit

Probably the most popular, and my first Reddit app is BaconReader. Simple Android-style dropdown menus allow for quick access to subreddits, and another bar on bottom has a bunch of other useful tools, but the app recently received a material design makeover. Subreddits are all color-coded, post and comment filters are included, swipe to navigate works, and it also has a readability mode to clear out images and get right to words.


Some links open right inside BaconReader, while others like YouTube, open the actual YouTube app to playback a video. It has a split-screen mode for tablets, multiple customization options for font size, spoiler tags, and even multiple account login support for those who like to browse as themselves, and anonymously.

Like Reddit is fun, this is a free app, but there’s also a paid version in the Google Play Store.

Download – BaconReader for Reddit

Slide for Reddit

A recent addition to my favorites list is a new Reddit app built from the ground up with Android 5.1 or Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Material design interface guidelines in place, is called Slide for Reddit. It has a lot of promise, but is still in the beta stages. Slide is extremely smooth, polished, and a great stock Android experience neatly blend into Reddit, but does have a few occasional moments of lag while loading.


It’s fast, secure, free with no ads, and open source. Simply slide or swipe to scroll through subreddits, upvote things with ease, and customize everything from grid size, card layout, default colors, accent colors, font size, or even add new themes. You can completely change how Reddit looks on your phone with Slide for Reddit, which is why this early beta version already made my list. It’s extremely powerful, very simple, and just works great.

It has Wiki support, a readability mode, and even a Shadowbox mode for viewing only a subreddit’s images, gifs, and albums, which is my favorite feature. Being able to get past everything and right to the good stuff, is where it’s at. Although I do enjoy heading into a few threads for the comments, of course.

For now it’s extremely customizable, yet still comes with a light, dark, and black theme for those who want it. It’s still in beta, but has a big future if development continues.

Download – Slide for Reddit

Relay for Reddit (Reddit News)

Previously very popular and known as Reddit News, is an app called Relay for Reddit. It also has a material design interface with the slide-out hamburger menu on the left, and easy dropdown menus for different subreddits, but the rest of the navigation is swipes and gestures.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.02.05 PM

It has smooth animations throughout that compliment the material design look, links and comments load at the same time, and everything is fast and fluid. Like most on our list it has in-line previews, opens most photos and GIFs internally, and even has themes. It’s all about personal preference, and this one has my least favorite comment section, but the rest is absolutely wonderful.

Relay has a great interface for tablets, dual page mode, reply right from your inbox, multi-account support, tons of customization like the others, and even a left-handed mode, which is what I used before I switched to Reddit is Fun. Each app has a lot to offer, so try them all out.

Download – Relay for Reddit

Sync for Reddit (Previously Reddit Sync)

Then last but certainly not least is Sync for Reddit, which used to be known as Reddit Sync. This app is exactly what you’d expect from a stock Android app built by Google, but made for Reddit. It’s full of Android 5.1 Lollipop material design effects, animations, and navigation. It works great, is fast and fluid, and many users first choice for a Reddit app.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.07.00 PM

It supports almost any link and natively opens them inside of the app, more than anything else on our list, but can also be easily opened externally if the user would like. Which sometimes helps to load a big GIF or video more quickly.

Sync offers tons of themes, customization, and even the option to download the first 10 pages of any subreddit for offline viewing. Perfect for those headed on a flight, and want some casual reading or Reddit comments to keep them occupied.

The card-UI is pretty, fast, easy to understand, and highly customizable. Keep it looking like Google Now with easy up or down vote arrows, or customize everything. This is also one of the most popular apps around, so users have a tough choice to make. That why we’d recommend trying them all. Sync has so much, you may just want to read the feature list on the Play Store link below.

Download – Sync for Reddit

Each app has strengths and weaknesses, as well as similarities in terms of features, so it all comes down to personal preference. I’ve been a longtime Reddit is Fun user, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. That said, Slide for Reddit is making improvements very quick, and could become my go-to app in the near future.

What’s your favorite Reddit app for Android? Drop us a comment below. We hope the official Reddit for Android app arrives soon enough, and tops this list once it arrives.

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