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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases (2020)



In this guide we gathered up a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases you can buy so far. With a huge screen and all those fancy cameras on the back, a case is almost necessary to protect your phone from life’s daily hazards.

So, before your pre-order arrives you’ll want to buy a case from our list below. These are the top Galaxy S20 Ultra cases we’ve found in several different styles. From rugged S20 cases, kickstand cases, thin cases, and even a wallet case. Here are a few we can comfortably recommend.

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case

$11 at Amazon

As usual, our first recommendation is a Spigen case, and my favorite one is the Liquid Air Armor. This case has an awesome textured diamond pattern on the back that’s just the right depth to look good and give you extra grip on this big, heavy phone All. Spigen cases are thin, flexible, protect the screen with raised edges and they have the easiest buttons to press, which is important to me.

2. UAG Monarch Rugged Case

$60 at Amazon

Urban Armor Gear makes some great cases, and if you’re dropping $1,300 on a Galaxy S20 Ultra you’ll want to spend a little extra for the best case for Samsung’s best phone. You’ll either love or hate UAG’s rugged and industrial design, but this case has five different layers of material keeping your phone safe and stylish. There’s a soft TPU inner shell, a hard polycarbonate outer frame, allow metal hardware, leather top-grain, and an impact-resistant rubber around the whole thing. It’s super stylish.

3. Ringke Fusion-X Case

$8 at Amazon

The Ringke Fusion-X case has a style you’ll love or hate, but it’s an all-around great case. Ringke uses a hard polycarbonate clear plastic for the main body, then covers the outer edges in a soft impact-resistant TPU material. It’s the best of both worlds while remaining thin, lightweight, yet tough. Keep your phone safe from life’s daily hazards with this case.

4. Olixar Soft Silicone Case

$13 at Amazon

If you’re looking for a soft, slim, slip-resistant silicone case to keep your big Galaxy S20 Ultra safe Olixar has a few great options. While we prefer TPU cases, a lot of people still love the grip achieved from a silicone case. It has raised edges for the screen and cameras while remaining thin and lightweight. Give it a try today.

5. Spigen Tough Armor Case

$15 at Amazon

Chances are Spigen has a case style that will fit your needs or wants. While we love the Spigen Neo or Liquid Air, if you want a more rugged Galaxy S20 Ultra case this is the one for you. Spigen is using soft TPU and a hard polycarbonate shell for added durability, plus there’s a built-in kickstand so you can enjoy Netflix or Disney+ on that huge 6.9-inch screen hands-free.

6. Sucnakp Rugged Grip Case

$8 at Amazon

After spending all your money on the expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra, you might want to try and save a few bucks on a nice case. The Sucnakp rugged grip case has a new slanted texture with grooves on the back making this big slippery phone easier to hold. Plus, those grooves disperse damage from drops and could keep your phone safe in case of an accident. It looks pretty good too.

7. Speck Presidio Grip Shell

$40 at Speck

One of the best and most popular cases in any carrier retail store all around the United States is the Speck Presidio Grip, and with good reason. It features a sleek design and a 13-ft drop protection guarantee, which is a big deal. We love the hard plastic frame and soft inner core that squeezes through the cutouts on the back for an enhanced grip. This is a solid case worth considering.

8. ArmadilloTek Vanguard Full-Body Case

$19 at Amazon

Those who need complete 360-degrees protection for their phone will want to check out the ArmadilloTek Vanguard series. This is one of the best full-body cases that will definitely keep your phone safe. There’s no built-in screen protector this year so you can still enjoy the fingerprint sensor, but otherwise, it completely covers the entire phone from front to back. You’ll enjoy the pop-out kickstand, too.

9. OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

$50 at Amazon

Almost everyone I know uses an Otterbox case, or have at some point over the last several years. They’re tough, durable, well-made cases. The Otterbox Symmetry Series is rugged like every Otterbox case, but not quite as bulky as usual. Making it a great all-around option for someone that drops their phone often but doesn’t want it to feel like a brick. Plus, the S20 Ultra is big and heavy enough as it is, don’t make it worse.

10. Nillkin Hard Shell Frosted Case

$6 at Amazon

Most slim cases are just super thin polycarbonate plastic, so the phones are still somewhat slippery. That’s not what you get with the Nillkin. They’ve added a super-thin textured and frosted finish to your typical slim Galaxy S20 Ultra case. This makes it easier to hold or grip and reduces fingerprints. Plus, this durable case is very affordable which you’ll like.

We will continue to update this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases as more become available.

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