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10 Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases (2017)



Poetic Revolution Heavy Duty Case

Poetic Revolution Heavy Duty Case

If the ATUS isn't your style, consider the Poetic Revolution with a built-in screen protector. Poetic is another fan-favorite, and you'll see why after reading what this case has to offer. 

The Poetic Revolution features a dual layer construction, then a third and fourth layer to cover the screen and add extra protection to the corners of your phone. The inside is TPU, the outside is a hard polycarbonate plastic, then the corners have added raised TPU bumpers in case of drops or damage. 

Then, Poetic adds a polycarbonate plastic front piece that snaps together with the back. This seals the phone and makes it somewhat water-resistant, and protects the screen with a durable piece of glass. It's the complete protection package some need. 

Buy it Now for $14.95

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