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Best Portable Chargers for Phones & More (2020)



Tronsmart Trim USB-C 10,000 mAh Charger

Tronsmart Trim USB-C 10,000 mAh Charger

Next up is the Tronsmart Trim, which is one of the world's thinnest 10,000 mAh portable batteries. Not only is this incredibly slim and lightweight, but it's also elegant and stylish at the same time. 

This is the portable charger my wife carries around every single day. It has a soft-touch matte black finish, rose gold aluminum frame, and three ports to charge any device you own. 

You'll enjoy the built-in optional lanyard, a Micro-USB port, full-size USB for anything and everything, then a small USB Type-C port for fast charging. Yes, only the USB C port does fast charging, but that works with your Galaxy S8, S9, Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S20, Macbook, Nintendo Switch and more. Just make sure you're using USB C to C for the fastest charge possible. Now enjoy this fancy little charger as my fiance does. 

Buy it Now for $25.99 on Amazon

Or get the Tronsmart Presto Slim

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