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5 Best SNES Classic Accessories



Longer HDMI Cable

Longer HDMI Cable

If you don't want to go wireless and you don't want to spend money on extension cables, you can just buy a really long HDMI cable. The SNES Classic only connects to your TV with a single cable, so you can put it anywhere in your living room as long as there's a power outlet and an HDMI cable that is long enough to reach your TV. 

For $14.99 you can get a 25 foot HDMI cable on Amazon and for $22 you can get a 50 foot HDMI cable which will reach to a stand near your couch and you can simply keep the SNES Classic closer to you than to the TV. This solves the problem of tripping over your SNES Classic and you don't need to buy something you can only use with that device. 

Don't bother trying to buy a long HDMI cable at a local store unless you like overpaying. the only one our local Best Buy has in stock at 25 foot is $69.99. You can find some affordable options at Best Buy, but most of them only ship to you. 

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