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5 Best SNES Classic Accessories



Wireless SNES Classic Controllers

Wireless SNES Classic Controllers

Another solution to short cables is to upgrade to wireless SNES Classic controllers. There are two options we recommend checking out if this is on your must have list. 

GameStop sells the MiniBOSS SNES Classic wireless controller for $19.99. It's not available online and it's tough to find in stores, but we saw several at our local retailer this morning. If you see this one in stock and you want to go wireless, buy it instead of planning to pick it up later. 

8bitdo announced a new SN30 SNES Classic wireless controller today and they are taking pre-orders on Amazon for the $25 wireless controller option. Unlike other 8bitdo wireless modules that work with a wide range of controllers, this one only works with the included SN30 or FN 30 controller. This controller isn't coming out until December 10th. 

We think adding a wireless controller to the SNES Classic is one of the upgrades that makes the most sense. Plus the controller door feel fragile, and this could help keep your console safe and off the floor. 

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