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16 Best Star Wars Battlefront Easter Eggs



If you want to take a break from killing Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, AT-AT’s, and Tie-Fighters, take a look at these Star Wars Battlefront easter eggs.

Star Wars Battlefield has been out for several wees now. In that time, we’ve seen the release of the free Battle of Jakku DLC and the release of major patches that tackle some of the game’s initial and most glaring problems.

We’ve kept the game under the microscope and today we want to take a look at something else related to Star Wars Battlefront for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Something fun.


Best Star Wars Battlefront Easter Eggs

Star Wars Battlefront is a Star Wars game and you knew that EA and DICE would include a number of secrets and easter eggs. It was impossible to resist given the series’ rich history.

Over the past few weeks, gamers have spotted a number of delightful Star Wars Battlefront easter eggs on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and we want to share the best ones with you.

If you find some time, you might want to go check them out for yourself in game. Some of these are easy to find, others are a little harder to spot. All of them should be exciting for fans of the Star Wars series. Let’s take a look.

Ride AT-ATs

If you find the correct token, you can pilot an AT-AT. But did you know that you can also ride the massive mechanical walkers? You can, if you have the right equipment and know the correct starting position.

The video above outlines exactly how to climb aboard the AT-AT on every single level. You’re going to need a jetpack but once you have it acquired you’ll be able to make your move.

Climbing aboard the AT-AT won’t grant you any special abilities but it’ll provide you a great place to camp out and take down enemies.

Bantha Herd

If you find yourself on Tatooine, keep an eye out for a bantha herd.

If you’re not familiar with banthas, they are extremely hairy creatures that are native to the dunes of this desert planet.

Different Intro

When you fire up Star Wars Battlefront, you’re greeted with an amusing intro that involves a droid trying to avoid an AT-AT. If you’re patient, there’s a different intro that stars R2-D2 and C-3PO.

When you get to the main menu, wait for a minute or so and C-3PO will join R2-D2 on the screen for some friendly conversation.

Battle of Jakku Easter Egg

The Battle of Jakku, the free DLC that DICE and EA released in late 2015, features at one very cool easter egg.

The easter egg is a Star Destroyer crash that takes place off in the distance. Next time you find yourself on Jakku, look out for it.

Outpost Beta Easter Egg

If you play your cards right you can watch as an Ion Cannon on the Outpost Beta map shoots at a Star Destroyer way off in the distance.

Stormtrooper Fail

One of the funniest Star Wars Battlefront easter eggs is a reference to a Stormtrooper fail seen in Star Wars IV A New Hope from 1977.

If you play the AT-ST tutorial, you’ll be presented with a cut scene that kicks off with some stormtroopers talking to one another. In the background, you’ll notice a stormtrooper bonk his/her head.

This is a reference to the iconic scene that can be seen in the video above.

Super Star Destroyer

Sick of watching the normal Star Destroyers in the sky? Well, you can trigger a Super Star Destroyer in the sky on the SoroSuub Sentroplex.

Tusken Raiders

If you stop and look around the Star Wars Battlefront maps, you might notice that you have company that goes beyond the Rebels or Empire soldiers shooting at you. The environments that DICE created for the game are bursting with life.

If you look around the desert maps, you’ll be able to spot the Tusken Raiders. They can be found in several locations but the video above shows you the placement in the Jawa Refuge map.

Mysterious Writing

If you’ve played on the SoroSubb Sentroplex, you may have noticed some strange characters lurking about. These characters aren’t just for show. They actually mean something.

The words, which can be seen in the video above, stand for SoroSubb Corporation. The company manufacturers droids and sensors.


Wampas are huge ice creatures that call Hoth home. So naturally, DICE and EA included a reference to them in the game.


To find it, you’ll need to find a door on the Hoth level and listen closely. Behind the door, you’ll hear Wampas making a ton of noise.

Krayt Dragon

The Kryat Dragon is a native to Tatooine. And if you look hard enough on the planet, you’ll find the remnants of one the beasts.

You’ll need to a little bit off trail to find it but it’s fairly easy to spot due to its massive size. The video above will give you some idea of its size.

Sarlacc Pit

If you’re in control of Boba Fett (or if you have a death wish), you can hop right into Jabba the Hut’s Sarlacc Pit during the game and emerge unscathed.

The Sarlacc Pit located on Tatooine.


If you want to see a herd Tauntauns running about, you’ll want to pull out a gun with a scope and get moving.

Tauntauns, of course, are snow lizards, native to Hoth. You’ll find them in the tutorial mission that puts you on that planet.

Endor Lizard

If you want to see a different type of lizard, head to Endor.

One gamer somehow spotted a lizard that pops out from under a tree. The creature is apparently a reference to a concept that Ralph Mcquarrie came up with for the original Star Wars trilogy.


If you head to Hoth, you might stumble on a robot that looks a lot like C-3PO buried under a pile of snow. It’s a robot, it’s not C-3PO.

This robot is actually K-3PO, another droid from the Star Wars films. For those wondering, the K-3PO series is an older model from the 3PO family of droids.

Endor Huts

On Endor, if you go a little bit off the trail, you’ll notice some huts in the distance. While you can’t get to them, these huts have some significance.

They are evidently a nod to Ralph Mcquarrie’s original concepts for the Star Wars films.

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Star Wars Battlefront Tips to Rank Faster

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  3. Casey E Lore

    12/07/2015 at 7:50 am

    The wampas locked away in the room on Hoth is more likely a throwback to the Nintendo 64 game, Shadows of the Empire where you find wampas in cages in Echo Base

    • Anon Buddy

      12/29/2015 at 9:08 pm

      It is in SotE. But it’s also a deleted / lost scene from ESB with Threepio deceiving some Snowtroopers (by removing the warning on the door) to escape just before they leave the Rebel base on Both.

  4. Whoa whoa

    01/01/2016 at 3:32 am

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