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Best Surface Pro 4 MicroSD Cards & Why You Need One



Sandisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD Card - $12.99

Sandisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD Card - $12.99

Sandisk’s Ultra 32GB MicroSD Card is pretty solid too. It’s a low-cost alternative to the more expensive cards. Despite being cheaper, it’s capable of the same speeds as they are.

You get 32GB of solid-state storage with the Sandisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD Card. It transfers files at 98 megabytes per second, making it just as capable of holding your HD videos, music and photos as more expensive cards. It’s shock and X-ray proof too, so there’s no need to worry that all your files are lost after it goes through an X-ray machine at the airport.

This Surface Pro 4 microSD card only costs $12.99 at Amazon. Despite that low price, you still get an adapter to use this card with a camera.

Buy the Sandisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Card for $12.99 from Amazon

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