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Best Surface Pro 4 MicroSD Cards & Why You Need One



Lexar 256GB High-Performance MicroSD Card - $179.99

Lexar 256GB High-Performance MicroSD Card - $179.99

If you have a big media collection, getting a small microSD card for your Surface Pro 4 can make your storage situation worse. Don’t split your files across multiple cards. Instead, go with the Lexar 256GB High-Performance MicroSD Card.

This card costs $179.99 from Amazon, but you get 256GB of storage for your files. That’s twice the storage of cheapest Surface Pro 4 models. For reference, this is enough storage to handle 58,000 songs. Despite having all that storage space, this card still transfers files at 95 megabytes per second. That’s on par with other cards in this round-up.

You get an SD card adapter with this Surface Pro 4 microSD card.

Buy the Lexar High-Performance MicroSD Card from Amazon for $179.99

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