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5 Best Texting Apps for Android Tablets



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MightyText SMS from Tablet

MightyText SMS from Tablet

Last but not least is SMS from tablet by MightyText. This highly customizable app is all about convenience. Similar to a few of the others on this list, MightyText syncs to your phone and basically turns your tablet into a giant extension of your phone. 

You'll enjoy being able to see, read and reply to text messages even when you don't have your phone. Everything sync to your tablet for ease of use. When you text someone on a tablet it goes through your phone, so the message is on both devices later. Not to mention it uses your current number. You don't have to sign up for anything or create a new number. 

Additionally, once paired MightyText will see incoming calls from your phone on the tablet too. So you can instantly know who's calling before you get up to go answer. It doesn't make calls, but it gets you enough information so you can choose what to do next. 

Because MightyText is basically an extension of your phone you have a full arsenal of text message features. From delayed messages, sent and received notifications, incoming notifications, group texts, pictures and more. Anything on your phone comes to your tablet. However, we really like how MightyText can send your tablet a notification when your phone battery is getting low. It's the little things that count. Not to mention it takes all of 30 seconds to setup and sync. 

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5 / 5
1 Comment

1 Comment

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