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7 Best USB Charging Stations For All Your Gadgets



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Vogek 6-Port Puck Charger

Vogek 6-Port Puck Charger

Last but not least is the Vogek 6-port charging puck. This features a round design, instead of a square like everything else. It's small, flat, and has a non-slip pad on the bottom so it stays put on your desk or living room coffee table. 

The reason we went with the Vogek to round out this list is that it serves a few purposes and it's affordable. Coming in at just $17 you can charge 6 devices at the same time, and we like the little docking stands that come with it. That way you can dock a bunch of tablets into the charger, or leave it as a small elegant puck somewhere in the office. It works either way. 

If there's one potential downside here it's that you only get 2.4w high-speed charging. This is still fast enough to recharge Apple devices at full speed, and fast charge most Android devices. You just won't get "Quick Charge" fast charging speeds or Samsung's adaptive fast charging speeds with it. Still, it's fast, cheap, and charges 6 devices. 

Buy it Now for $17.99 on Amazon

In closing, we wanted to mention that most of these likely do NOT come with charging cables. So if you're looking to charge six devices, you'll want to buy six extra cables. And the price and quality of the cable do matter in how fast and safe they charge. So don't just buy the cheapest cables around in a 5-pack. 

Additionally, we wanted to recommend some charging stations from RAVPower, and this extension cord with 8 AC outlets and six USB ports. It does a little of everything. 

7 / 7
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bob

    07/26/2018 at 12:49 pm

    Still waiting for a charger with three type c ports

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