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5 Best Verizon Phones [May, 2015]



Those looking for a new Verizon phone this month are going to find themselves staring at a large number of options. With that in mind, we want to help narrow things down for those that are need of some assistance. Here, we take a look at the devices we think represent the best Verizon phones for May, 2015.

In April, Samsung and HTC released their new 2015 flagship smartphones into the wild. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, and HTC One M9 join a growing list of devices tempting smartphone shoppers in 2015. They will soon be joined by an LG G4, a device that’s set to replace the popular LG G3 in June.

Verizon stocks all three flagships and Big Red is now loaded with a number of high quality phones. While that’s certainly nice, it complicates things for buyers who aren’t caught up on the latest Verizon phones. Today, we want to help those of you that are feeling overwhelmed about the decision at hand.

Droid Turbo Review -8

Every month we are bombarded with questions from consumers, many of whom want to know about the best Verizon phones money can buy. There are a number of different devices that we could recommend, the Verizon smartphone market is full of solid choices, but we want to narrow things down a bit and take a look at what we consider to be the top five Verizon phones available.

These devices represent the devices that we’d recommend to friends and family. And while our list may differ from yours, these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like the devices listed here deliver the best, all-around package for this month and this month alone.

With that in mind, here are the five best Verizon phones for May, 2015.

Motorola Droid Turbo

Motorola Droid Turbo

We weighed a number of Verizon phones for this last spot but ultimately, we decided on Motorola's Droid Turbo, a device that we and many others have grown to love. 

The Motorola Droid Turbo isn't the flashiest phone on the market but it's an extremely solid device that excels in key areas like battery life and software. Motorola's take on Android is still our favorite and the Droid Turbo delivers an excellent rendition. It will only improve when it gets Google's Android 5.1 software later this year. 

Motorola's device is only available on Verizon and it's going to run you $150 on-contract. You should be able to find it cheaper through a retailer so you'll definitely want to hunt around before spending full price on the phone.

Head here to read our full Motorola Droid Turbo review.



  1. John Hallanger

    05/07/2015 at 10:11 am

    The Droid Turbo is a great phone. But buyer beware: it is still waiting for Lollipop, with no time frame or end in sight.

    • Tony_vc

      05/07/2015 at 12:26 pm

      But it’s camera is horrible. Horrendous pictures, dark, blurry. I couldnt have it for more than a week, i returned it and got the Note 4 intead. Happy i did that. I may give S6 a chance, though

      • rusty

        05/07/2015 at 2:33 pm

        love the camera on my turbo. have made prints off of the photo’s i have captured. even have large canvas prints.

        the turbo only has dual functionality when advanced calling is turned on, but the advanced calling feature is very sketchy

        very disappointed in VZW and Moto is being so slow in getting corrective updates out. phone is good, I have just suspended it on the VZW until it can work without being so unreliable

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