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3 Best Windows Password Managers & Why You Need One



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LastPass is the darling of password management apps. It's available on every platform worth using. That includes the Apple Watch. Browser extensions allow it to give you access to your passwords where you’ll need them most. Even Microsoft Edge has one. It syncs your credentials between all its different forms. It’ll auto-fill your passwords and let you attach notes to passwords that have security questions. Like the others in this round-up, it’ll generate complex passwords for you.

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A LastPass account is required to use the service, which is free for basic use. Those that want encrypted file storage and a way to share their passwords with the entire family will want to investigate the $1 a month and $4.99 a month plans.

Last Pass doesn’t have a version available in the Windows Store, so you’ll need to rely on the browser extensions and desktop app, which both work just fine.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael Lamb

    04/13/2017 at 11:51 am

    Is this the type of lazy “journalism” we’re going to be subject to? First of all, this is a robust market with lots of other players. These three just happen to be the biggest. Not necessarily “the best” unless you did a THOROUGH vetting all of products out there. Second, anyone who knows anything about security will tell you NOT to use the browser extensions as they are inherently vulnerable! Third, are you shilling for one of these 3 and just popped in the other two to mask that? Because this is simply not a good technical article about security.

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