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Best Wireless Chargers for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL



Seneo "Fast" Wireless Charging Stand


If you're like me and just want a fast and cheap wireless charging stand for the Pixel 3, this is the one to buy. Seneo makes an excellent 5 and 10-watt smart wireless charger that's affordable and effective. 

Instead of dropping $80, grab this "Amazon's Choice" fast wireless charging stand for just $17 and enjoy the convenience.

There's nothing fancy going on here. This is just a cheap wireless charging stand that'll hold your phone upright instead of laying flat on a table and will charge it without wires. If Google ever changes the software and allows 3rd party chargers to deliver 10w faster speeds, this will instantly work. For now, it looks like it'll be limited to 5w because Google is being stupid.

There is an LED on the bottom so you know it's charging, so that's a plus.

Buy it Now for $16.99 on Amazon

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