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Best Wireless Chargers for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL



7 / 7

ChargeONE Fast Charging Fabric Pad

ChargeONE Fast Charging Fabric Pad

Some people just love stylish accessories. If that's you, consider this beautiful and comfortable fabric wireless charging pad for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. chargeONE makes some great accessories, and this is no exception. 

The chargeONE fast charging pad comes with everything you need too. The charging pad with a beautiful soft-touch real fabric finish, a charging cable, and the 10w high-output wall plug to keep you charged up. 

This charger is small, stylish, lightweight, and has a non-disruptive LED that tells you when the phone is full. Then, it'll turn off when it's done. Perfect for using it at night in a bedroom. We really love the stylish design, and you will too. 

Buy it Now from Amazon for $30

These are some of the best charging pads available so far, but more are likely coming soon. We'll update this post with other options as we test them and they make the cut. Or, if Google reverses it's stupid decision to limit 3rd party accessories from offering the faster charging speeds. It's really ridiculous, and something Apple would do, and we're hoping they change their mind. 

7 / 7
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