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Black Friday 2014 Deals & Ads



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PS4 Black Friday 2014 Deal Predictions

PS4 Black Friday 2014 Deal Predictions

Here's what you can expect from PS4 Black Friday 2014 deals. If you can wait for Black Friday, you'll likely save at least $50 or find deals that include one or two games bundled for the $399 price you'd pay in stores today. 

Dell plans to sell a PS4 for $399 with GTA 5 and The Last of Us Remastered, which is $110 to $120 in savings. We'll likely see more PS4 deals like this as retailers stack on games, controllers or gift cards instead of cutting the price. 

That doesn't rule out $50 off PS4 Black Friday 2014 deals, but Sony is in a better place to keep the price of the PS4 at $399 through the holiday season than Microsoft. 

Expect at least $10 off new releases like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or GTA 5, savings on a new PS4 controller and deals on headphones for your PS4. 

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