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Black Ops 4 Features Wishlist: 7 Changes We Want



Pick 10 & Perks

Pick 10 & Perks

Call of Duty: WWII changed the player setup to take us to divisions with specific strengths and features, leaving the classic pick 10 system behind. For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 , Treyarch should bring back Pick 10 and perks. It is possible to drive Call of Duty ahead in a crowded shooter genre while remaining true to the system that many of us have enjoyed for years. 

With Pick 10, the player can customize the load out to match their style of play. This means an experience that is more fun for each individual player and it also means more variety in online play. 

Perks are also a standout Call of Duty feature that allowed gamers to choose extra strengths. This also helps with different playstyles and forces players to make more choices about loadout, strategy and overall playstyles. 

The good news is that Treyarch teased perks and pick 10 coming in two tweets already. 

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