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Black Ops 4 Features Wishlist: 7 Changes We Want



HQ Style Arena for Multiplayer

HQ Style Arena for Multiplayer

While it took a while to iron out all the bugs, the HQ mode in Call of Duty: WWII proved useful as a social space to meet before gaming. Here's how I would like to see it adapted to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. 

First off, allow gamers to switch to a mode that bypasses it and goes directly into their preferred game mode if they don't like it. Many players found this mode to be a hassle when they just wanted to party up and start playing. 

For other gamers, take us to a military base or something similar that will allow us to join a shared space with other players. The two biggest areas I want to see are a place to test score streaks and the 1 v 1 mode that allows you to take on another player head to head. 

The other features are handy, but could just as easily be pushed to a menu in the Black Ops 4 HQ. 

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