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Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer: 5 Things You Missed



Even if you watched the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer video several times there are some things you likely missed in this fast moving and action packed first look at the new Call of Duty multiplayer. Here’s a fast look at the things you missed when you watched the new Call of Duty: WWII video the first time.

There’s no way you missed the bayonet charge, flamethrower or the massive bomb scorestreak, but we’ll outline a few things you missed. You didn’t miss the Call of Duty: WWII beta date announcement at the end, but we also share the start Xbox One beta dates.

While it immediately draws comparisons to Battlefield 1, this is not a carbon copy that some gamers think it is. Sony premiered the new Call of Duty: WWII video at their E3 event and confirmed the Call of Duty: WWII beta start times.

Although there is definitely a cinematic intro and sections of the video, we do get to see actual Call of Duty: WWII gameplay across a number of maps. Here’s what you missed and why you should watch the video again.

Call of Duty: WWII Game Modes

In the new video, we see a lot of players on the field at once. This is very likely the new WAR game mode that is a new story-driven way to play the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer. This will task you with an objective that is part of a WWII narrative and is more lively than securing a specific point or taking a moving objective.

This is similar to the Operations mode in Battlefield 1, and it is likely why you are seeing a tank and the call to rally around it so that it can take out an enemy placement.

Call of Duty: WWII Swastikas

Did you miss the Call of Duty: WWII Swastikas in the multiplayer trailer? You bet you did. They are not shown in this multiplayer trailer or in the existing video footage of the game.

There were no swastikas present in the Call of Duty: World at War teasers before launch, but they were in the game when it arrived in many countries. Activision cannot sell Call of Duty: WWII in Germany with Swastikas.

It is likely that with the reveal on a live stream and with press at the event taking photos and recordings for multiple regions it was deemed better to leave the swastika out of any gameplay. There is a chance that you will find these in the final release.

You see a tank and iron crosses, but no swastika.

You see a tank and iron crosses, but no swastika.

Call of Duty: WWII Tanks and Planes

Yes, there are playable tanks in Call of Duty: WWII, but this is not going to be showing up randomly in your next Team Death Match. In the video, we are seeing players rally on the tank to protect it as you move it in line to take out an enemy placement of artillery.

The plane is very likely part of a score streak that you can call in. We see it appear in several maps, but most prominently in the sea-based map taking out soldiers on a ship.

Call of Duty: WWII Women in Multiplayer

You can hear and see a woman player in the multiplayer trailer.

You can hear and see a woman player in the multiplayer trailer.

We’ve known that there will be female players in Call of Duty: WWII, focusing on resistance fighters and we get to see and hear a female player in the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer trailer.

At 1:24 into the trailer you hear a woman say, “Cover me”, and then you see her on screen briefly. You will be able to choose a female player in the character selection for the multiplayer part of the game.

The Dolphin Dive is Back

We see at one point a soldier dive headfirst and then just as the scene cuts away we see him take another shot. This happens just after the two-minute mark. If you advance slowly enough you can see that this is not a death animation from the explosion. There’s more about this on the Call of Duty: WWII subreddit.

It looks like the dolphin dive is back in Call of Duty: WWII.

It looks like the dolphin dive is back in Call of Duty: WWII.

Small Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Details

There’s a good chance you at least caught some fo these small details, but in case you missed it here’s a wrap up of interesting tidbits that are scattered throughout the video. Watch another new video that walks through 10 minutes of Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer gameplay.

  • Dual wield handguns
  • Paratrooping respawn
  • Convoy respawn
  • Gas masks show, but not used for defense
  • Lots of gore and dismemberment
  • Attachable weapon upgrades
  • Different ammo types demonstrated with the shotgun.
  • Attack dogs score streak called out in trailer

We’ll learn more about the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer this week as there are still several Sledgehammer Games and Activision events for Call of Duty: WWII. the first event is on June 13th at 10:30 AM Pacific on Facebook and the second is on June 14 at 2PM Pacific on Twitch.  If you’re in, check out the best Call of Duty: WWII deals, or check out the reasons to and reasons not to pre-order the new Call of Duty.

4 Reasons You Should Buy Call of Duty: WWII & 4 Reasons Not To

Buy If You Like the State of Call of Duty: WWII

Buy If You Like the State of Call of Duty: WWII

We are almost halfway into the Call of Duty: WWII life and there are many changes to the overall gameplay including changes to flinch, weapon balancing and small tweaks designed to make the game better. 

Sledgehammer Games continues to tweak the state of weapons and change the game for balancing and based on player feedback. You can check out the latest update about the game directly from Sledgehammer.

There are still some complaints and issues, but we are starting to get a better feel for what Call of Duty: WWII will be like through the rest of the year. 

If you have a chance to try it out and you like the game speed and weapon balance, this could be the best time for you to buy. 

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