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Chomp for Android is Dead



Chomp, the app discovery service, is no longer available for Android users.

According to GigaOm, Chomp recently removed the Android option from search on its website. Chomp’s Android app is also gone from the Google Play Store.

Apple bought Chomp back in February to help improve app discovery in the iOS App Store, but Chomp for Android was still active until recently. It’s unclear how this changes Chomp’s partnership with Verizon for app discovery, if at all. All we know is that Chomp is no longer available for use on Android.

Chomp for Android is Dead

The service is still available for iOS, however, and probably will be until Apple builds the service into the App Store. Siri followed a similar path. The Siri app was still available to iOS users after Apple purchased the company, but disappeared after Apple made Siri into a feature for the iPhone 4S.

With Chomp gone there are still alternative app discovery services for Android. Services like AppsFire and AppAware are still available in the Google Play Store. Both apps have high ratings in the store, though AppsFire seems like the more popular of the two.

Third-party app stores like the Amazon Appstore also have different recommendation systems. Amazon’s recommendations are just like the recommendations on its website, though its Appstore isn’t nearly as extensive as the Google Play Store.

The easiest way to find great new apps is still talking to friends with the same mobile OS and following GottaBeMobile’s app coverage. There’s always a chance that a user’s friends will know of a few cool apps that they never heard of before.


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