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Clash of Clans 2016 Update: What’s New



The Treasury

The Treasury

Users will notice a small change to the Clan Castle after this January update. There are no longer mini storage compartments on top showing loot, and when clicked on there's a new button called the "Treasury". This is where all loot bonus, star bonus, and war earning goes. It's the safest place in your village to leave money.

Even if someone gets 100% and takes down your entire village, most of the money in the Treasury will remain. It can't be stolen (only a very very small percentage) so it's the safest place to keep it. The higher the Town Hall (and Clan War level) the more it can hold. I'm a Town Hall 10 with Clan level 3, and mine can hold over 2 million.

I'll store 2 million there until I'm ready for an upgrade, then clear it, add it to my regular storages and start my upgrades. This way users don't have to have 6 million sitting in collectors, available to be stolen by attackers. Get it? Leave as much loot in the Treasury as possible. It's like a vault. That said, if you're already sitting on 4-5 million, go ahead and clear it. As attackers can only get so much from you anyways, there's a cap.



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